Saturday, January 15, 2011

Makeup CAN Look Natural

For those who are anti-makeup and/or don't want to look "made up", you should know that makeup CAN look natural. In the pic below I am wearing a full face of makeup.

Concealer: Mary Kay in Light Bronze
Foundation: The Body Shop's Oil Free Liquid Foundation in #10 (SPF 15)
Brows: Filled in lightly with Milani Brow Kit in #3
Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Lash in Black
Blush: The Body Shop in #07
Lips: Lip Pencil in MAC Chestnut, MAC Fresh Brew Lipstick, MAC C-Thru Lipglass

This is my fave natural/toned-down look. As you can see, I use what works for me. I am not partial to just one brand. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: Koils by Nature (Sample Pack)

Last night when I got home, my Koils by Nature order had arrived. Perfect timing, since I was planning on washing my hair anyway and trying that oil rinse out. I ordered the sample pack (Soothing Herbal Eucalyptus and Lavender) since this was my first time trying this line of products. The sample pack contained the following:
  • 2oz – Moisturizing Shaeloe Leave In Conditioner
  • 2oz – Hydrating Shealoe Creamy Conditioner
  • 2oz – Nourishing Hair & Body Butter (of your choice)
  • 2oz – Soothing Herbal Gel (of your choice)
It comes wrapped in a pretty organza bag. 

After my oil rinse (details in my last post), I applied the Hydrating Shealoe Creamy Conditioner and rinsed out with cool water. I towel blotted my hair and applied the Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In. Both conditioners left my hair feeling soft, had a light, pleasant scent, and my hair was very manageable.

To style, I used the Nourishing Hair & Body Butter and the Soothing Herbal Gel. I got the Hair & Body Butter in Sweet Almond's Joy and OMG this stuff smells AMAZING! I always do two-strand twists for a twist-out (it reduces shrinkage by stretching my hair, keeps it from getting tangled and also helps prevent single strand knots since it also stretches the ends). For each section that I was about to twist, I applied a small amount of the Hair & Body Butter along with a small amount of the Herbal Gel - a little goes a long way! I actually think I was a bit heavy-handed (it smelled so good I wanted to use more than was needed - Lol), so I will use a little less next time. After twisting, I sat under my hooded dryer for about an hour to let the majority of my hair dry. I let the rest air dry overnight.

This morning, I unraveled  the twists and styled. My hair was so soft, very defined and had a very nice sheen. I will be buying the full-size products very soon!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Oil Rinse Review

Ladies! I am SO excited to share this with you all. On Twitter, @KinkyKurlyQueen provided a link for this... and yesterday I spoke with my friend Alex about it. Oil Rinses for natural hair. I thought... What the heck IS an oil rinse? How does it work? Here is what I did following the directions in the link I checked out.

Since I shampooed my hair 2-3 days ago, I didn't shampoo again (you can if you'd like, and that would be the 1st step.)
Whether you shampoo initially or not, on your soaking wet hair you want to apply 1/2 cup of oil to your hair (I used extra virgin olive oil. I've heard you can use castor oil or other oils of your choice, but olive oil is already my fave so I used that). Massage it in. I also massaged into my scalp because it tends to get really dry especially now that it's so cold.
Rinse with very warm (almost hot) water.
Apply your fave conditioner (I used Koils by Nature Hydrating Conditioner). Rinse with cool water.
Style as usual.

I must say, after rinsing out my conditioner my curls were POPPIN'! My hair gets frizzy (from dryness) so when I saw how curly my hair was after washing I was quite surprised and pleased.

Benefits: Intense moisturization, decrease in single strand knots, and ease in detangling. 

Definitely try this! I may do this every other week!! Love it.

Tomorrow I will post a review on Koils by Nature. Today was my first day using the product line and I am in love!


Review Coming Soon!

Hey, everyone!

I've been reading up on oil rinses and I'm going to try it tonight! I'll take plenty of pics, along with explaining the purpose of it and how my hair feels after.

I'm hoping I like it. My hair NEEDS it! ;)