Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Style Rut! :-(

Could it be!? Almost 2 years natural and... NOOOOOO!!! I think I have run out of styles! :-/ Wait, no... That's impossible. I have so many options. Someone, help! I need ideas. Tired of this bun and I'm in no mood to do mini-twists... and although I LOVE LOVE LOVE my twist 'n curl styles, I'd like another option. Any ideas?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Favorite Styles

I can't believe it will soon be 2 years that I've been natural (this November). The time went by really fast. My staple style is the twist 'n curl - I posted on that a little bit ago. But my other fave now is my bun! When my twist 'n curl gets old (or I get lazy with my hair), I put it in a high bun. It's cute and easy, and I can leave it like that for a few days until I muster up the energy to do my hair again. Lol It's also a great protective style.

What are some of YOUR favorite hairstyles?