Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some Time Off

Although I am aware that I don't have to "explain" my whereabouts, I do feel a sense of responsibility with you all, and just out of respect for my readers or those who may follow me online, I wanted to share this. I have bonded with a few of you and I don't take it lightly. That being said, I'm taking some needed "time off" from everything (social media, blogging, etc.) for an indefinite time. It may only be a week or two, or it may be a month or two. I'm going with whatever God leads me to do, but I feel this is necessary at this time to recenter and refocus my energy and time into what God is telling me to do. And I can't hear from Him if my mind is always cluttered with everything else. As much as people may think that I am a very social person, I'm actually pretty introverted and can be quite quiet. That's just my nature, I've always been this way. Alone time is something I crave and need from time to time.

I really just want you all to know - I appreciate you! Many of you have reached out to me, and I even know some of you now on a personal basis and I am grateful for that :) Thank you for everything, and I will be back soon. So, don't get worried or think something bad has happened when you don't see posts for awhile. Lol I am truly blessed and doing well, and doing my best to follow God's plan for my life. xo


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm SOOOO EXCITED to be doing this. OK. If you follow me on any of my many social networks, you already know - I have 2 copies of CurlyNikki's book "Better Than Good Hair" - and I am giving 1 of those copies away to a lucky reader!! Yes! Why? Because I really love and appreciate you all, AND I am so proud of CurlyNikki for writing this book for us naturals and educating those who aren't aware of what being natural is, how to transition to natural from chemically-treated hair, how to style our hair, and much more. This book also includes many styling tips and stories from other bloggers who share their own experiences. Definitely a book you want to have in your collection.

So. What are the rules? It's so simple.
1. Follow this blog :)
2. Go to my Facebook page and "Like" it. (
3. On that Facebook page, I will have a post already up for this Giveaway. ON THAT POST, I need you to please select a # from 1 to 500 - NO DUPLICATE NUMBERS (so don't post like, 0 or 798 -- Just a number between 1 and 500 Lol). If someone posts a # you've chosen, you'll have to choose and post another number. I've already written my chosen # down. Whoever guesses that # or comes closest WITHOUT going over, gets the book.

That's it!! Simple, right?

*Note: Please do not post your #s on this blogpost. Only on the FB page.

The contest starts once this post goes up and ends on Friday, 2/8/2013 at 8:00am EST.

Thank you for participating, and GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

CurlyNikki's "Better Than Good Hair" Book is Available!

OK, the book has been available since this Tuesday, but I wanted to remind you naturalistas out there!! I have a copy of her book on my Kindle and to support, I bought a hard copy, too. Let's support Nikki's mission in getting the word out about OUR hair and how to care for it - let's make this MAINSTREAM by helping Nikki's book reach record-breaking heights THIS week!! Please go to Amazon to get your copy (mind you, they dropped the price down to $8.99 for the book! AND you get a $10 Shea Moisture coupon per CurlyNikki). *Note: In order to get the Shea Moisture coupon, you have to purchase by tomorrow, Feb. 2. Also, be prepared to send a copy of your receipt (you can scan it or take a screenshot from your phone). Then, go to Shea Moisture Giveaway's website to fill out the form -- this offer is only available while supplies last through Feb. 2. Don't forget to SPREAD THE WORD!! xo