Friday, September 27, 2013

Hair Growth

Hey! I hope this post finds everyone well. I wanted to share something natural-hair related with you all.

This past May, I did a second BC (big chop) - for many reasons. I've been enjoying the new journey and look forward to healthy hair growth again. In July, due to the humidity, I started installing Marley Twists again as a protective style. It made life so much easier for me as I didn't have to style/twist my hair daily or worry about frizz. I decided to wear my hair out again this week since it hasn't been humid anymore. It has been 4 months since my BC (so I'd estimate about 2 inches of growth which is average, though I haven't measured). I noticed that my hair is "bigger" so the growth was apparent.

I'm happy with the health of my hair now and I am still enjoying the cut and how it is growing out :) I don't plan to do another BC, but just regular trims to keep healthy ends. I want to my hair to grow out again and just enjoy the process.

Here is a comparison shot -

Saturday, September 7, 2013

CurlFormers for Sale! -- SOLD!

UPDATE: They are now sold. Thank you for your interest :)

Back in 2011, I had purchased some CurlFormers from Sally's Beauty Supply. So many naturals were talking about them and I was so excited to try. I blogged about my CurlFormer's experience right on this blog back in August 2011 (see post here). I loved the initial results, but my hair doesn't hold a curl well. After a few hours my nicely defined curls were a bush (maybe I could have used a better holding/setting product, IDK). But, I haven't used them since then!! My hair is usually in twists and when it isn't, it's a lot shorter now b/c of my cut. So, I'm selling these. Being that I've only used them once and paid $70, I am going to let them go for $40. I will ship them to you, all the curlformers and the hook to use with them. (U.S. Shipping only)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

FYI - I'm Still Here!

Hey, everyone!! It's been a crazy summer, but I am still here! My posts have been lax but I've been working on A LOT. For one, I created a blog specifically for Skincare and my Health/Wellness business. I won't be posting to this one as much anymore, but I will keep this online for reference and for random hair (or anything else) posts.

My focus is mainly skincare and health and wellness. My new blog is: Skincare by Keeta .

I've also moved this summer (I'm still in MD) and have just been busy with life, in general. But, all is well :-)

Please be sure to stay connected via the following:
Insta: @keetaray, @wrapped_fabulous
Pinterest: Markeeta Y.
Twitter: @1KeetaRay, @KeetaEsthetics
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I hope you all have enjoyed your summers and are having a good start to the fall season! Take care and chat soon.