Saturday, October 9, 2010

Today's Natural Hair Question

From time to time, I receive questions from friends, family, and friends of friends regarding going natural. What products did I use when transitioning from relaxers to natural hair, what products I use now, what is best for holding styles like twists without flaking, etc. What I will do is start to post the questions on my blog and answer for all to view and weigh in on. No two textures are alike, so while I love to give advice and share what has worked for me, it may not work for you. So, if others give their take along with my own opinions/experiences, we can all learn so much more :)

Today's Question: Does mousse work well for holding twists for a twist out? I've tried gels but they flake and make my hair hard.

My response: I have never tried mousse while natural, so I cannot say if they work for me or not. However, I've found that using a good leave-in conditioner and an alcohol-free gel work great for me to hold my twists and give great definition for twist outs. Here are my faves: For leave-ins I use Cantu Shea butter leave-in (purchased at Walmart or Target), or Kinky Curly Knot Today (purchased online at, at Whole Foods, or your local natural hair salon). For gels, I have two favorites: Eco Styler Gel (the clear one) or ic Fantasia Olive Gel. You can get either one from your local Beauty Supply Store or Walmart or Target. They don't have alcohol so they don't dry your hair out or cause flaking. They also don't have protein (like "black gel", which can cause flaking).

So, I'd like to pose the same question for my readers. What do you all think? What products are great for your twists and twist outs that give great definition and hold?


Michell said...

I have to agree with all of the products you have used, works great in my hair (4c). I haven't tried the Kinky to Curly Knot Today for my twist, but works great in my hair for a wash-n-go. I would also like to add the Shea Moisture collect (sold at Target). The curl & hold smoothie works like the cantu shea butter, but the smell is GREAT and I'll refresh with the moisture mist. My hair is VERY DRY so I add the Reconstructive Elixir daily. (each item only $10)

Michell said...

@ Keeta - have you tried any of Miss Jessie's products?

KeetaRay said...

Hey, Michell! I have tried Miss Jessie's. I don't like it too much for wash and go's but like the products for my twist outs. I've tried the curly pudding and the stretch silkening creme. Both worked well for me.