Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oyin Handmade

I've heard so many great things about Oyin Handmade. They make hair and skincare products using natural ingredients. I've been natural for 10 months now but still haven't tried it yet. Well, today I noticed they had a sample 4-pack online for $17.50!! Good price for 4 product trial sizes (not so much samples, these are real 2-oz trial sizes). It contained: Honey Hemp Conditioner, Greg Juice leave-in spray, Shine & Define coaxing serum, and Whipped Pudding (which can be used as rich moisture on either hair or skin). Because all products are made-to-order, it will take about 2 weeks. I'll do a product review when I get the products so you all can see :-) Another plus: from what I see on their site, everything is reasonably priced and affordable!! We're talking like $8-10 for good sized amounts. I'm so ready to try all this.

For more info, visit Oyin Handmade. Also, check out this video from ScandolousBeauty with HER Oyin Handmade review!!

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