Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Urban Nature Hair Salon (MD)

I just wanted to share my recent experience at a natural hair salon over the weekend. I visited Urban Nature Hair Salon in Silver Spring, MD. I made an appointment about a week and a half prior for a much-needed trim and deep condition. Although I have been natural close to 3 years now, I haven't been to an actual natural hair salon because salons make me nervous. My sister usually trims my hair.

Overall, I liked the salon a lot. The stylists were professional and nice, the atmosphere was calming/relaxing, they took my hair concerns into consideration, and the prices were reasonable (after comparing to some other natural hair salons I visited online to check out). Kim was the stylist I worked with. My wash and deep condition felt great - my hair loved it. She trimmed my hair while wet. Now, I did have to get more than I would have liked cut off (my hair was damaged due to color I got about 2 years ago) BUT I am more concerned with healthy hair than length. Damaged hair looks a mess. Lol My hair looks and feels good and I am happy. MY ONLY SUGGESTION is this: Make sure you know exactly what you want when making your appointment. I say this because when I called I only told them I wanted a trim and DC. And that is all the time they scheduled me for. My appt was at 11am and she was taking her next appt at 12pm. They take their appointments ON TIME so I had to be done by 12. Which means, I couldn't get my hair styled. Lol So when I got home I just did a quick wash and go with Kinky Curly (see pics after the jump).

Hope that helps if anyone was thinking of visiting this salon. Next time I know to tell them exactly what style I want so they can schedule more time for me. I checked out some other people's styles by the other stylists and they looked GOOD, so check them out. This salon also has locations in DC and Temple Hills, MD, so visit their site for prices and locations.

Un-styled (after deep condition & trim/MAJOR shrinkage)
Wash and Go done by me with Kinky Curly

Wash and Go

Wash and Go


K.D. said...

I like your fro hawk! It's so cute. Thanks for posting this salon review. I actually just moved from the DC area this past September.


KeetaRay said...

Thank you, K.D.! I'm glad the review was helpful :)