Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Natural Hair Pin-up style

Yesterday I tried a new style and I really like it. Below is how I achieved this result:
I had been wearing my hair out most of last week and it got really dry. In addition to wearing it out (I wore it in a bun most of the summer), I hadn't been deep conditioning or washing as often :-o I know, I know. So yesterday, since they let me off work a little early, I decided to give my hair some TLC.

Washed hair with Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo twice. I didn't section off to shampoo. Thoroughly massaged my scalp (using the pads of my fingers, never my nails), rinsed, and repeated.
Then I went and put my hair into 4 sections (2 in the back, 2 in the front) and applied conditioner to each section (Herbal Essence Totally Twisted). After I applied conditioner to a section, thoroughly saturating my hair with it, I then applied about a tablespoon of olive oil on top of the conditioner and combed through using my wide tooth comb. Then I twisted the section and pinned it away with a bobby pin. After all sections were done, I put on a plastic cap and sat under my hooded dryer for 30 min.
I rinsed my hair section by section, retwisting each section when done (just 4 big twists). This kept my hair from tangling.
I then applied Kinky Curly Knot Today (my leave-in) and started my small twists, leaving the front section out for the pompadour later. I twisted my hair while wet/damp. Shrinkage wasn't a concern since I'd be pinning them up anyhow. To twist I applied Carol's Daughter Marguerite's Magic to the hair to be twisted, twirling the ends of each twist. After my hair was twisted (not including the section in the front), I gathered all the twists toward the middle of my head pinning them in place w/bobby pins. 
For the front section, I made 4 larger twists. Sat under my dryer for 45 minutes, then unraveled for the 4 twists in the front. I pulled my hair forward and tucked under w/hair pins for the pompadour look. That's it. I plan to keep it this way for about a week.

Total time to finish (including shampoo and DC): approximately 3-4 hours.

Sidebar: Lipstick is by MAC - Potent Fig Mattene Lipstick, my new fave :)

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