Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Protective Style: Twisted Puff/Bun

I have to give credit to my friend Alex of The Good Hair Blog for this protective style idea. She told me about this before when she did it the last time, but on me it came out terrible. Today, I had to call her and get the details. It looks more complicated than it is but there is definitely a technique to achieving it.

What I did was pull my hair up with a stretchy headband (I used Goody headbands here) as if I were doing a puff (this was done on a 3-4 day old twist out). With the hair that was left out, I started two-strand twisting them around the perimeter of the puff. Once all my hair was twisted (I did bigger twists so it didn't take long at all - about 10 min.) I used hair pins to secure them toward the middle of the puff/bun. This gave the "bun" look/effect. I then used another headband to double up and put in the front of my hair (I just always like to do that but totally unnecessary for you to get this look). I plan to leave it like this until the end of the week.

What is your favorite protective style?


Danelle said...

Thank you for linking me to your blog. I will def be trying this hair style in the morning!!

KeetaRay said...

@Danelle You're very welcome!

Ordered Steps Productions said...

If I can get my hair to stretch, I may just try this, lol! My hair is forever coily. So even my twist-outs come out looking like Shirley Temple. :)