Monday, January 16, 2012

Why It's Important to Wash Your Face at Night

I've heard it many times. To be honest, I've DONE it many times - gone to bed without washing my face. Whether you wear makeup or not (but ESPECIALLY if you wear makeup) - washing your face before bed is essential. Here is why:

1. Cleansing your skin before bed will reduce the presence of clogged pores, thus the acne-causing bacteria will not thrive, and this means no breakouts for you.
2. When you're sleeping, the skin is also at rest & skin regeneration occurs. Removing dirt and debris from your skin before bed allows this process to just flow. Don't "block" your skin at this time.
3. Moisturizing lotions/creams will evaporate from your skin during the day, so when you wash your skin and reapply moisturizer at night, you are keeping your skin hydrated and moist. (Don't be fooled - even oily skin can be dehydrated - trust me, I know!)

Once I've learned the above, I always wash my face at night no matter how tired I am. No matter what time it is, no exceptions. If you have to, keep some cleansing wipes by your bed or in your bag. No excuses! (Lol)
You can have great skin but you have to do your part!! :)


evelyn.n.alfred said...

I have the worst habit of being too tired to wash my face before bed. Even when I do wash it, I don't add toner or moisturizer like I do in the morning. I need to do better.


i am so guilty of not washing my face at night,tho i dont do it often i seem to do it more when i'm dead tired from work. i gots to do better :-(

KeetaRay said...

Hey, ladies! We've all been there, me, included! Only since being in school and learning why it's so important did I make changes. Now that you know, you can do better, too :)