Friday, August 10, 2012

Removing Gel Nail Polish at Home... YES, YOU CAN!

Over the summer, I have been enjoying getting manicures with gel nail polish. It started while in school earlier this year. Having to wash my hands constantly and always having my hands in product due to giving facials and spa treatments to clients, my regular nail polish mani's weren't holding up as well. I fell in love with gel nail polish because I literally did NOT have to do my nails for 2-3 weeks. (My nails grow FAST so usually 2 weeks was my limit, though.) However, anyone who knows me also knows that I LOVE doing my own nails. It's almost therapeutic for me and allows me to be creative in yet another way. So, after this last set of gel nails, I wanted them off but didn't feel like going to the salon and paying them to do it. PLUS, I am also very picky about how it is removed and how my nails are filed (OCD much? Lol) so I decided I'd attempt to do it myself and have them done to my liking.

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So, on with this post! Here is what the gel nail polish (on my natural nails, no tips) looked like approximately 2 weeks ago when I first got them done:
To remove:
You will need - 100% acetone for nails, cotton balls (10, 1 for each nail), aluminum foil (enough to wrap around your finger), a metal cuticle pusher, nail buffer, nail file, and polish of your choice.

I soaked a cotton ball in acetone and placed it over my nail, then wrapped my nail/finger with the cotton ball inside with foil.
I let them sit like this for about 3-4 minutes. Removed the foil and cotton balls and using my metal cuticle pusher, I lightly scraped the gel polish off my nails. It is actually like "pushing" the polish off, it came right off and I didn't have to use much pressure and didn't damage my nail beds.

After the gel polish was removed, I cut and reshaped my nails to a square shape (I've been back and forth between oval and square for MONTHS now), I buffed each nail with my nail buffer to smooth them out and applied jojoba oil to moisturize. I pushed my cuticles back and washed my hands to prep for the nail polish application. At this point, you can apply a hand moisturizer, although in this case, I didn't. If you do, just remember to take some alcohol and gently wipe your nail beds so it isn't oily, allowing your nail polish to adhere better.

-Applied a base coat (Seche Vite')
-Applied 2 coats of color (Essie "Yes We Can, Pink!")
-Applied a top coat (Essie)

This is the end result!
Hope this helps anyone who wants to remove their gel nail polish themselves!! :-)

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Very helpful post. I love gel polish kit and this post almost needed for me.Thanks for sharing. Cindy xx