Wednesday, September 4, 2013

FYI - I'm Still Here!

Hey, everyone!! It's been a crazy summer, but I am still here! My posts have been lax but I've been working on A LOT. For one, I created a blog specifically for Skincare and my Health/Wellness business. I won't be posting to this one as much anymore, but I will keep this online for reference and for random hair (or anything else) posts.

My focus is mainly skincare and health and wellness. My new blog is: Skincare by Keeta .

I've also moved this summer (I'm still in MD) and have just been busy with life, in general. But, all is well :-)

Please be sure to stay connected via the following:
Insta: @keetaray, @wrapped_fabulous
Pinterest: Markeeta Y.
Twitter: @1KeetaRay, @KeetaEsthetics
Health/Wellness products:

I hope you all have enjoyed your summers and are having a good start to the fall season! Take care and chat soon.

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