Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hot beat, Whack Lyrics, "Catchy" Hook with dance = HIT!!?? NOOOOOO!

Sigh... Here we go again, folks. A friend brought this dance/song (if you want to call it that) to my attention. I then proceeded to look it up on YouTube and this is what I came up with. Either I am getting old, or these songs these days are DUMB! I'll admit, Stanky Leg was entertaining for a little bit, just b/c it looks so crazy and I like to do it to be silly, b/c I am sometimes... lmao But this is getting out of hand! I don't want to see/hear anymore of this crap these kids are calling music!!! I miss old-school groups like New Edition and Mint Condition (I know they still make music here and there but u know what I mean). The songs that get airplay really suck. There is no substance. If it takes 2 vodka and cranberries and a patron shot on the side to get me to participate in this madness... I don't think it's real talent, folks. Not to take this too seriously, but it's sad when I see so many talented artists get looked over just b/c they actually have vocals and want to sing about SOMETHING. Sad.

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