Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cell Phones and Caller-Rejection

Has anyone ever wanted to block certain calls from coming into their cell phones?? It appears that some people don't get the hint when you don't answer even after they call and leave messages REPEATEDLY. FYI: I tend to always get back to people and if I can't in a good time frame, I will text you and let you know I'll call you as soon as I can. I don't typically ignore people unless I really have no interest. That being said, If I don't answer, please stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL But anyway, I really do wish that cell phone companies offered some type of "do not disturb" or "call rejection" service where the call doesn't come through to your phone AT ALL. Meaning, it doesn't even go to your voicemail. Instead, the caller gets some type of message saying you are busy or not accepting calls. That would be SWEET! I think cell phone companies should work on that. Right now, I have a blackberry and the most I can do is set certain #s up to not ring, but it still comes through. I do believe there is some blackberry software out there (for a price, of course) that will block certain calls, but I have no interest in paying what they're asking for. Maybe one day, cell phone companies will make my dream a reality. LOL!

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