Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hair... Random Quessie

Question: Why does hair have to be "good" or "bad" or a "good grade"? I know exactly what people mean when they say this (i.e. "good hair" being a looser curl or a silkier look, or straight; "bad hair" being kinky, tightly coiled... etc.). I've only really seen this WITHIN our race (Black/African-American) -- other races seem to care less about how we wear our hair. But within our own race we put each other down if we don't have hair that is straight or loosely curled, or if we're "too dark", etc. WTF is wrong with us? Why can't we all be beautiful and all love ourselves the way God made us? What's with the self-hate? I hate self-hate, so I choose to love me. My hair, my skin, everything. Why not love yourselves??

xoxo Be positive. It takes less energy than to be negative! ;-)


Anonymous said...

It is horrible the way some of us look at ourselves and think the worse. It may have been because of what their mother's or grandmother's have told them when they were younger that their beauty was not acceptable and it stuck with them until this day and passed on to generations. That is why this cycle of self-hate needs to be erased, stopped and I am to ashamed that WE enforce such hogwash onto our community it is disgusting :(

We need to love each other we truly do!

KeetaRay said...

I agree, Olivia. Part of the issue is that we have passed down these ugly thoughts and views of ourselves from generation to generation. We don't even realize that we're doing it half the time. All we can do is continue to educate ourselves and break the cycle. It's so sad.

jamtspice said...

I completely understand where your coming from I personally feel that all black is beautiful doesnt matter how dark or light the berry is If its black its beautiful lol but looking deeper into and after studying it for a year I believe it has a lot to due with the history of blacks overall we've been sooooo divided by slavery and in a way taught to hate certain aspects of our selfs, so in a way its going to take ALOT of time, patiences, love and teachings for all african americans to love who they are, as they are completely and fully. lol.. just my little insight lol.. sorry so long

KeetaRay said...

Wow, you truly are wise beyond your years! I think that is true, that all these opinions and negative views about ourselves have been passed on from generation to generation, as Olivia also stated. It's definitely going to take time to flip it though, that's for sure!