Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Vent: People minding my business

Sigh... You all know I RARELY do this. I tend to brush a lot off. But today I think I reached my limit. It appears that some may be "bothered" by my lack of sharing. I have never been a complete open book. No offense to anyone who likes to share all about their lives, but I have found it best to keep some things to myself, and to have some things for myself. You can't share everything with every ONE. I tend to keep the following under wraps almost majority of the time: money/finances, relationships, and SOME goals (some goals because people will try to hate and do their best to discourage you from reaching that goal or dream). I do my absolute best to stay out the way of negativity/constant complaining. So when I feel someone is bringing that into my life, I tend to distance myself or cut off all ties - depends on the situation and how severe the negativity is.

Long story short, if I don't want to share details on my relationships or my money, etc., please don't be offended. But if you are, that's too bad. I'm not going to appease you and tell you my business just because you're "hurt" that I don't want to share with you. I am me, and I do what I do. Just like everyone else does. Don't try to change me :-) And don't make assumptions about my status on any of the above just because I don't talk about it. I don't have anything to prove to anyone and I don't answer to anyone but God (and maybe mom sometimes - LOL!) So, please... let it go. Or let me go. *end rant*

Whew!!! Glad to get that off my chest! Now I can continue my fabulous day!!! ;-)

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