Monday, April 26, 2010

Do You Make Your Own Hair Products?

Hi, Everyone!!

I was checking some sites out earlier today and realized (again) that I should/could be making my own hair products for my natural hair. I came across a few sites that I wanted to share with you all.

  • You can buy Wholesale Shea Butter from this site: (as well as Black soap, if you're interested.)
  • Find several oils (essential oils, vegetable oils, etc.) here: Oils by Nature
  • Do you like mixing your own products but don't have containers to store them in? No problem!! Buy them here, at a LOW PRICE!
Here's an EASY recipe for making shea butter souffle (great hair moisturizer and/or sealant, much easier to apply then shea butter alone):
2 parts coconut oil, 1/2 part shea butter, and 1/2 part castor oil. I came across this online today and plan to try it in the next week or so.

Feel free to share your own recipes or anything else you'd like to add :) We can all learn from each other!


NaTuRaLbEaUtY81 said...

Here's a wonderful recipe I use for my homemade avocado deep conditioner
1 ripe avocado (chop up)
3 tbsp mayo
1 1/2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp jojoba oil
blend well!! (use a food processor or blender)
Apply to damp hair. Leave on your hair 30 minutes to an hour or longer if desired
Hope you all enjoy it!!

KeetaRay said...

Thank you so much for sharing!! I'm printing this out to use later :) Sounds really good!

CallaLily said...

Hi KeetaRay: I was really big into making hair products at first. I've kinda gotten away from it but I still make some things from my hair. There are a lot of recipes you can find on my blog and if I can share with you, I did a post on online wholesale last year that I'll include the link to.

Also like NaTuRaLbEaUtY81 I make a similar avocado deep conditioner (no measurements though) only I use olive oil in place of coconut and jojoba oil.

I hope you can find some helpful info on my blog. Thanks much!

Link to online wholesale -

CallaLily said...

. . . I meant "for my hair" lol :-)

Oh, and I don't know if you use black soap but I made a shampoo using the bar over the weekend. I absolutely LOVE it and I think I found my staple shampoo. There is also a recipe for this on my blog that I posted last week. I didn't follow that one exactly though.

KeetaRay said...

Hi CallaLily!!
I'm definitely going to check out your blog! I haven't used black soap in awhile but was thinking of trying it again. People seem to have really good results when they use it.

Tiffany said...

Hey, I just saw your recipe over at I recently heard of a popular mix on, it's Moe's SheAloe and I must say, I've been luvin it for my daughter. You can see pics here at my lil bloggerookski ( But basicly u cream the shea and oil first, then add the aloe vera gel. The consistency is soo soo smooth. Hope this helps someone the way it's helped me. I plan to try yours too. Have a great day.