Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Straight!

Anyone who knows me knows that I hardly straighten my hair. But when I went home for Christmas, I had my sis blow dry and flat iron it because she needed to trim my ends. She used a heat protectant (I don't know which one this time but I'm starting to feel the brand isn't important. I've used 2 others prior and my hair was fine) to blowdry and then she flat ironed. Since my hair is not used to being straight - I've only worn it straight 3xs in 3 yrs - it started to revert back after the 2nd day. (Click the jump for more & pics...)

Lol Which is cool with me because I prefer it curly. But it was a nice change :) Yesterday I put it up in a bun because it started to frizz in the back. Here are some pics.


25champ said...

U look lovely either way :)

Anonymous said...


KeetaRay said...

Thank you both! :)

k.London said...

Gorgeous look Keeta! Loving the first pic and that last one with the bun! Too hawt!
And season's Greetings to you, Merry Christmas and may God bless you in the New Year!!

KeetaRay said...

@K.London Thank u so much, chica! Happy Holidays/Happy New Year to you! :)

kisha said...

too cute!! yes i prefer curly too! u got discipline to have only straightened 3 times, thats like once a year! im deathly afraid of heat since my last encounter :(