Thursday, December 29, 2011

Uneven Skin? What You Can Do About It...

I've received requests to address the problem of uneven skin/complexion - what causes it and how can it be fixed? Now, let me start by saying I am not yet an expert on this, but I have some experience with it firsthand and have learned quite a bit about it in the last few months. I know this is an issue many women and men, alike, deal with.

Let's start with what causes uneven skin tone, also known as hyperpigmentation (more common in darker skins).

An uneven skin tone is the result of an over-production of melanin. Melanin is what gives skin and hair its color, helps protect skin against damaging UV light and absorbs heat from the sun. However, an overproduction of melanin stimulated by excessive sun exposure, hormones, or scarring, leads to uneven skin tone. 

1) Sun exposure: When skin is repeatedly exposed to UV light, sun damage occurs. Brown spots appear as a result of too much melanin being produced to help protect skin from UV light.

2) Hormones: Melasma is hormone-related hyperpigmentation caused by increased hormone stimulation. It is most commonly experienced by women who are pregnant (which is why it’s also known as the “mask of pregnancy”) or taking contraceptives, but can also be a reaction to cosmetics or medications.

3) Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: This is a darkening of skin that’s the result of scarring, which can be caused by acne lesions or skin injury. (So, don't pick at those pimples! It leads to scarring and dark spots!)

(Source: Dermalogica)

What did I do to deal with hyperpigmentation? I've found that using a sunscreen EVERY DAY, regardless of whether the sun was out or not, helped my dark spots to fade faster. Here is the thing - the dark spots from acne scars, hormones, etc., WILL fade on their own BUT - the sun can cause them to darken and prolong the natural fading process. Using a sunscreen everyday helps with that. My fave: Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer SPF 15. (I actually stand by ALL Aveeno products. Reasonably priced and work well).

It helps to exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cell buildup and help products (like that sunscreen) to penetrate better. Don't over do it! Twice a week is enough. You can use either a chemical exfoliant (contains enzymes to dissolve the dead skin cells and then you rinse off after 10-15 minutes) or manual exfoliant (contains tiny granules that you rub on your skin - like a scrub - in circular motions, then rinse).

I can't stress enough - don't pick at blemishes. They will go away on their own - picking them aggravates them and can lead to scarring and uneven skin. You don't want that. If you want blemishes extracted, see a professional like an esthetician. They have techniques to extract them without causing scarring or dark marks.

A good skin care regimen is essential, and I will elaborate in a separate post. But know that technique and consistency can be more important that the actual product used ("can be" -- some ingredients you'll want to avoid on your skin, though. But, separate post). I currently use a professional line called "G.M. Collin" but prior to that, these products did me well: Purpose Facial Wash, Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisuturizer SPF 15, and the Aveeno Cleansing Pads for exfoliating. I wear makeup almost everyday (although powder, not foundation on my face - luckily I don't really need it) - but contrary to popular belief it doesn't "mess up" your skin! Not taking care of your skin will do that. I always wash my face before bed. No exceptions.

I hope this helps, but feel free to comment with additional questions and I'll be sure to help where I can. I'm still learning, but proper skin care and makeup artistry are passions of mine so fire away :)


Welcome to DIVA STYLE! said...

LOVE this post! Great advice, Ms. Beauty Guru!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!
This post was very helpful :-)
Before bed, I wash my face but never moisturize. Do you consider moisturizing before bed a "MUST"?

KeetaRay said...

Thanks, ladies :)

@Amma Mama - Moisturizing is a must every time you cleanse, day or not, oily skin or dry. If your skin is oily, opt for a water-based moisturizing lotion or gel. If tends to be more dry, you can use a cream moisturizer. :)

KeetaRay said...

@Amma Mama - that should read "day or night" -- not "not" Lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding :-)