Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baltimore Natural Hair Expo 2012


I had the awesome pleasure of being a Damn Girl for The Damn Salon at the Baltimore Natural Haircare Expo today. I worked with the lovely owner, Mushiya, and Dava, along with Amanda and Thara (Thara was the one who did my Urban Twists back on February 3rd). I had a great time and so much fun. I didn't get to take a lot of pics because we were working and promoting, but I did get a chance to snap a couple and take some short vids. 

On my way to the expo. Hairstyle #1

Changed into my Damn Salon tee

Hairstyle #2 done by Mushiya


k.London said...

Great edgey looks!

Quala said...

Love the lip color!

KeetaRay said...

Thanks, ladies! @K. London @Quala - the lip color I'm wearing is Ruby Woo by MAC.

Diva Style said...

Beautiful, as usual!