Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Warby Parker Experience

While on Instagram a few months ago, I saw someone post about Warby Parker glasses and the frames were CUTE! Being that I hadn't had eyeglasses in a LONG time initially due to the expense and then laziness in finding frames I liked once I could afford my prescription (Lol My eyes are BADDD - LASIK may be in my future) - I was super excited to hear that Warby Parker had frames for only $95 that were funky/cute/retro, that which included my expensive-behind Rx.

I went to their website to look through the vast assortment of frames they offer and let me tell you, it was a tough decision because I liked SEVERAL. (They also offer "Try at Home" where you pick 5 frames and try for FREE for 5 days) I settled on the Zagg frames to start (Oh, I'm buying more - how could I not!?). Ordering was super easy. I had just gone to the Optometrist for my yearly eye exam the week prior and had my new prescription written out for me for both glasses and contacts. After placing my order, I received an email from a customer service rep asking for one other measurement that I forgot to give. I was actually able to take the measurement myself with the help of the application on their website and they got my order to me quickly. I had a great experience, their customer service is EXCELLENT and I'm more than happy with my glasses. They fit perfectly and I can see clearly, and I like how they look on me. Below are some pics.

If you need some eyeglasses, definitely hit Warby Parker up for your next pair! So worth it. Oh - and I forgot to mention that for every pair of glasses you purchase, they donate a pair to someone in need. Now how sweet is that!?

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