Tuesday, May 14, 2013

INSPIRATION | Big Chop to Stop Cancer

I'm so excited to see this, but sorry that I didn't see it prior to Sunday when I cut my hair. I definitely would have participated. If you're thinking of cutting your natural hair or know someone who is, PLEASE READ!

(via ZuriWorks - Andrene Taylor)

The Big Chop to Stop Cancer invites women to use their hair as a statement that goes beyond personal aesthetics. We invite women to “big chop” to take a stand for the health and well being of their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters. We invite women to be fearless and big chop. Each big chop promotes lifesaving cancer screening and early detection.
All women, regardless of race, ethnicity, and hair type, are invited to participate in the Big Chop to Stop Cancer Campaign.
Our hope is to unite women for the greater good – saving black women’s lives from cancer.
Stylists, salons, and individuals across the country are invited to participate in the Big Chop to Stop Cancer with ZuriWorks, Johnny Wright, and other celebrity stylists.
Find out how you can help women who face the challenging road ahead of cancer treatment and recovery with dignity and joy.

  • You are tired of going to funerals
  • Cancer is #1 killer of black women 34-64 and you want to help change that
  • Your enthusiasm and energy will make a difference in this grassroots movement
  • Black women’s lives are valuable and you want the whole world to know that
  • You are tired of the silence and fear that surrounds cancer in our communities
  • You love your hair, but you love your sisters more and you want to help
  • Raise funds to help financially disadvantaged women face the devastating impact of cancer treatment on their appearance with dignity

C. Alan Signature Salon - 705 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 – (202) 265-1772
Le Chic Salon* - http://lechicsalonnwdc.com - 1907 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 –(202) 232-1337
Signature Image Salon - http://www.signatureimagesalon.com - 2023 Vermont Ave NW Washington, DC 20001 –(202) 560-5647

Designs by Evie Johnson - http://www.eviejohnsondesigns.com - 928 Largo Center Dr Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 –(301) 333-9070
Jaha Hair Studio* – http://www.jahahair.com  - 941 Bonifant St Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 588-4966
Twist, Locks and Love* – http://naturally-nadine.com/twists-locks-love –  2801 Huntingdon Ave, Baltimore, MD – (410) 585-8298

Tinea Jones – (Washington, DC)
Yenebecha “Yene” Damtew – SoftSheen Style Squad (Washington, DC)
*Select participants also provide complimentary services to cancer survivors, as part of the Style for Survival Alliance. To join the Style for Survival, please contact us at slewis@zuriworks.org202-630-3750, or submit your application at: www.zuriworks.org/help/hair-care-service or mail to ZuriWorks for Women’s Health 901 Jackson Street NE Washington, DC 20017

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