Monday, May 13, 2013

Natural Hair|The cut AFTER the BC

I've decided to cut my hair after my last post. For several reasons.
1. I needed a change
2. My hair was growing out in an awkward way where I couldn't wear it completely out w/o looking like I had a mullet.
3. I had breakage from over-doing it with protective styles last year. (I didn't take a break for 6 months)
4. I've been seeing so many fly hair cuts lately!
5. I'd rather have healthy, short hair over broken and unhealthy long strands, any day.

A close friend of mine referred me to a salon in Maryland that I went to yesterday. I had pictures of what I wanted and worked with they stylist to get the cut I wanted. I'll be honest - I knew my hair would be short, but it was shocking when I got home and saw it again. Lol But I got used to it quickly and love the cut. Here is a picture from last night.

I don't know how many inches were cut off or other technicalities. I will say, my hair in the back was bra strap length when stretched. The sides, crown, and front were much shorter. My hair now is cut short in the back and gradually gets longer as it goes toward the front (a tapered fro). The color in my hair is the same color I got back in Sept. 2012 that my sister did - it just shows a little more now that my hair has been cut, I suppose.

Have you made or plan to make any changes to YOUR hair? Do share :-)

**UPDATE: This pic was taken today. My hair gets bigger with each twistout, I see! I ain't mad.


Carla said...

LOVE IT!! It looks great on you. I feel you though about needing change.I bit the bullet and colored and cut mine off in March. And I'm loving it so much short I'm chopping some more off this weekend.

Carla (Nattypisces)

KeetaRay said...

Thank you so much! It's funny, when I first went natural I was so concerned with my hair growing super long but after 4 years, I just want to have healthy hair regardless of length. I've done a lot of trial and error, now I know what works for me/what doesn't. Looking forward to healthy hair from this point on! :-)