Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beauty | Summertime Faves

I wanted to share a few of my favorite summertime beauty items! :)

It has been super hot and HUMID lately here in Maryland. So, I've been skipping foundation and came to LOVE MAC's BB (Beauty Balm) Cream. My shade is Dark Deep. I apply it with a stipple brush and it blends right into my skin. You can also use your hands (clean, of course) or a sponge.
What is a BB Cream? Many beauty lines carry them now. Basically, think of it like tinted moisturizer on steroids. The MAC one has SPF 35, which I love. It brightens my complexion and evens it out but gives light to medium coverage. It feels very light on my skin and I haven't had to use concealer in addition to it. Go to your local MAC store/counter and try it out! Also available online :)

A great eyeliner to try - especially if you have oily eyelids even with primer - is by Stila (Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner). It doesn't fade, smear, rub off - it's perfect. To remove, just use an eye makeup remover before washing your face for the night. It will come off easily.

Finally, I went to get a mani yesterday. I brought my own polish this time (this color is by Julie G from Rite Aid and it's called "9 to 5", a peachy/sorbet-type color). I got the half-moon look and had the nail tech apply clear gel to my nails when done to help the mani last longer. I'm loving the look and the color! :) Fun!!

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k . . . said...

I love your hair, makeup and lippy! Thanks for the tip on the MAC BB Cream. I'm going to inquire about it.

k . . . said...

I love your hair, makeup and lippy. Thanks for the tip about MAC's B Cream. I will be inquiring about this at my next trip!

KeetaRay said...

Thank you! :-)

Kimberly said...

I love MAC's BB Cream and MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish -- I use both in Deep Dark! Also for the summer, I'm loving Aloe Vera Juice. I mix it with my lotions and/or Coconut Oil and apply it before leaving home. It helps keep my skin cool, moisturized, and burn free throughout the day (since it's usually what's applied after getting sunburns).


KeetaRay said...

@Kimberly - I'm gonna have to try that! Thank you for sharing.