Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why women attract the men that they attract...

So I am at church this past Sunday, and we had a guest preacher, who was ON POINT, by the way. The scripture was from Job 42:12-14, and he went into how women need to know who they are in Christ. It is because so many of us do NOT that we lose ourselves or have no identity and then look to men/relationships to define us. I truly believe this to be true and it makes total sense. Sometimes we get into relationships with men and we feel so good about ourselves when things are going well, and when they compliment us, etc. But when things are bad or they treat us bad, we feel bad about ourselves, to the point where it affects our self-esteem.

Ladies: Please, know who you are in God's eyes. Figure out what it is that you want in life. Do/get things for yourself, and don't wait for any man to do it for you. Have something to bring to the table, just like you want a man who also has something to bring to the table. (Good) men are looking for the same thing. Don't ask for a man with good credit when yours is jacked up, for example. Get yourself right.

Another thing (my last point): Women who have been in one bad relationship after another often ask, "Why do I keep getting approached by (or finding) dogs!? All men are dogs!" Umm... No, not all men are dogs. But "dogs" look for the wounded [women] because they know they can get what they want from them. If you not only have your business straight, but you are ALSO EMOTIONALLY healthy, most "dogs" won't approcach. And even if they do, YOU, Miss Emotionally-Healthy-Woman-Who-Has-Her-Business-In-Order, YOU can discern between who is real and who is not and nip that in the bud if necessary. Be strong and stand up for yourself, don't settle just to be with someone!!!



Anonymous said...

Well said! It gave me chills, b/c it's a wisdom we as women must attain. Thirty is a milestone in life that heightens ur senses. A woman @ 30 covered n the blood of Jesus .....oooh....chi....ld! God is good! Keetie u make me proud! We r the new & improved generation (Youngs). :-)

jamtspice said...

I completely agree moms taught/enforced independence in me lol..so ive nvr really depended on any one esp not a man as a result i tend to attract certain individuals n intimidate others lol.{mainly dogs] not saying tht all my relationships have been good ones just saying that most of them guys tend to want to provide for me or prove themselves bc they know im able to do it all on my own. finding your self/ defining your self isnt hard just give urself some alone time and love who u are dont expect anyone to love u but god. with tht itll all fall into place...ughhhhh i did it again another long reply ..lol..sorry keeta lol..

KeetaRay said...

Teshia, I'm so glad ur mom has instilled that in you!! That's so good to know and at a young age.

Cousin, thanks for the words! Yes, we are the new (improved) generation! lol xoxo

Jae said...

We are Women hear us ROAR!!! I love it..Just as I did in Church on sunday, man was he on point or in the words of the lady behind us...OH YOU PREACHING TODAY! LOL It makes perfect sense you are what you attract...if you walk aroudn with your head held down and not feeling good about who you are inside and out the dogs will sniff you out QUICKLY! I had a habit of walking around with my head held down, not because I felt bad about myself but because I was always afraid of tripping or stepping in something but one day someone said to me girl be proud hold your head up...and from then on I said you know what I am proud...so I had to check myself, I don't want anyone thinking Im not proud of the Fabulous Jae that I am!! LOL

Great Job Keeta!