Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Facebook "pet peeves"

I am on Facebook a lot and have developed some pet peeves once logged in (LOL). This isn't really serious but sometimes little things annoy you and I feel like telling you. ;-)

Here they are:

1) Why do people save you as a friend, or approve you as a friend, yet never reply to your messages?? Were they not aware that Facebook is a SOCIAL tool? Meaning a way to keep in contact? Maybe you should stop being nosey on my page and dismiss yourself. :-0

2) I'm tired tired tired of the thousands of Facebook Applications, and some people send SO MANY that I become "overwhelmed". I'm sick of Little Green Patches and surveys that look like a 3rd grader wrote the questions. Please stop.

3) I don't like when people I do not know send me random friend requests just because we maybe went to the same college or you worked for a company I used to work for 5 years after I left. Quit it. And don't request me just because you perused your friend's friend-list and liked what you saw. I'm just gonna hit "Ignore".

**OK that is the end of my rant. LOL Now I feel better!! :-)


Jae said...

LMAO!! DITTO, DITTO, DITTO...I so agree with you chick! Also, whats up with these corner store things??? I don't get have of those applications on there!! I so hate it when the kids that just graduated from my high school reqeust me as a friend..dude we prolly don't even know the same teachers I graduated 15 years ago..so lets not ok! LOL good One Keeta!!!

KeetaRay said...

Yeah, this is not gonna be like whack Myspace where you're a friend of a friend of a friend. I have rules on FB. LOL

sg318488 said...

lol Totally agree Keeta Ive been hittin ignor alot lately alos, but I swear there are still people on my friend list that I don't even know. The strange thing is ....I don't even remember accepting them...huuh frustrating but I'll figure it out.