Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reasons Why I Love My Natural Hair

As I approach my 1 Year Anniversary of being au naturel, I wanted to do a little post listing reasons why I love my natural hair, and I'd also like to hear why YOU love your natural hair (for those of you who are natural, or even those transitioning). Feel free to "tag" yourself and use this on your own blog :-)

Reasons why I love my natural hair...
  1. My hair is healthier and stronger
  2. I no longer have the dry scalp issues I had when I was getting relaxers
  3. It's EASY
  4. It has improved my confidence
  5. I can be out in the rain or take showers w/no worries re: my hair!
  6. I adore my tight/tiny coils and curls
  7. I feel like more of an individual because no one's hair is like mine. No 2 textures are alike!
Leave some comments telling why YOU love your natural hair! :-)



Stassi X. said...

-i love my natural hair b/c taking care of it for the most part is FREE 99! lol

-even on a bad day, i can throw something together and it'll look intentional

-other people love it, i like compliments here nd there lol

-new network. i like being seen as a "natural" and meeting other "naturals". plus, my hair is a good conversation starter

-its so versatile, i can make so many funky styles

-i finally feel unique.

-i've become an 'inspiration' to my friends/peers. that is an amazing feeling.

-ppl automatically gain respect for me. not sure why, but ppl treat me differently in a good way...

...i just realized that if u dont stop now, i'm going to ramble on forever

KeetaRay said...

LOL! GREAT reasons to love your hair! I agree with yours, too - feel the same way especially w/our hair being versatile, inspiring friends/fam/others, and that even on a bad day you can make your hair/style look intentional!! So true.

Au Naturale Belle said...

Oh Em Ghee! I had the same problems with my scalp when I was relaxed. I love my natural hair because...

I don't have to run in the rain anymore (at least from not trying to get my hair messed up.

My dry scalp issues are just about over. Thank God!

I love playing with all of my little curlies and coils.

I don't spend hours and hours in a salon to pay them close to 100 bucks every 2 weeks or so.

Mayn its just a lot of reasons I LOVE being natural and I'm sure I'll have more since I'm only almost 6 months post.

Linda Jones said...

Your hair is gorgeous. I have been natural for almost a year, and my hair is so healthy and it ie growing like a wildfire. Anyways, how long have u been natural. Your length is amazing.

KeetaRay said...

Hi Linda :) Thank you! I have been natural a year now. I did my BC in Nov. 2008. You're right, your hair becomes so much healthier and retains so much more length. Wish I had done this sooner!