Saturday, August 13, 2011

My First Time (Curlformers) - Natural Hair

Last year when I first heard of Curlformers, I didn't see what all the hype was about. I often wondered what was the big deal. Then, I saw some vids of women who used them and thought their curls were pretty, but felt my hair wouldn't react that way. A few days ago I caught a vid on YouTube of NaturalChica (I'm sure many of you are familiar with her fabulous blog and YT channel) using Curlformers. Her hair turned out gorgeous. And although her hair is thicker than mine, the textures are similar so I decided to give it a try since I was so bored w/my hair as of late.
I purchased mine from Sally's Beauty Supply. You can also purchase them directly on Curlformer's website. First, let me tell you these are so fascinating and fun to use! (Small things excite me). I started on freshly washed and conditioned hair. Use your product of choice. To use Curlformers you will need: the Curlformers, of course; a spray bottle with your fave water/conditioner/oil or some type of leave-in spray; a setting lotion or foam (I used Motions); and a wide tooth comb. I also used a fine tooth comb after detangling to smooth my hair out more before putting the curlformers in.

Follow the directions on Curlformers website and you will get  great results. My results are after the jump.

The Curlformers kit came with 46 rollers; I used about 40.

Sat under the dryer for about an hour.

Taking them out

After separating and pulling the left side up with 2 hair combs

Final look

Overall, I loved them! Some things I'll change for next time: Use more of the setting lotion/foam b/c my hair doesn't have as much hold as I would have liked. But I still am happy with the result. My hair is soft and bouncy and if you don't want to sit under a dryer, you can let them airdry. Keep in mind that the smaller the sections, the less time it will take to dry. Also, Curlformers come in various sizes (check their site for details) - I used the long and wide ones.

Here is the official video from Curlformers showing the technique:


kisha said...

wow, i've always been intimidated by curlformers but i didnt know it came wit that tool that u just slip ur hair thru! i love ur results too :) u did a good job!

KeetaRay said...

Thank you, Kisha! :)

Pinkdiamondstl said...

I love the final look. I think I will give them a try. I have been looking for more style options for my hair and I like the variety the curlformers provides for natural hair. Keep up the great work with you blog! xxxx

KeetaRay said...

Thanks, chica!! :) I'm always experimenting. Lol Let me know how you like them when you try.