Sunday, September 4, 2011


I read a quote about forgiveness online and it really resonated with me. People I thought I had forgiven for things that they had done to me... I really hadn't. And they were taking up space in my mind, making me angry, sad, resentful... among other things. This morning I realized what the unforgiveness was doing to me. And I prayed. And I'm officially and consciously working on it. I'm focusing on being the change I want to see and being a loving person, and praying for those who have hurt me.
Here is the quote:
"Funny how when you don't forgive someone who has wronged you, they seem to occupy your mind and your emotions the most. Until you forgive, you will be chained to their memory and experience. Forgive them by bringing love, kindness, and gentleness back to YOUR spirit and letting go of the anger, hate, and resentment. It's not always easy but with God all things are possible. Do it for you and for the return of love in your life." ~William White

If you struggle in this area, I hope this helped you today :)


kisha said...

i needed this! its definitely tough to fully or even start to forgive someone cuz all u keep thinkin of revenge or thinkin of how to even the score and get the last laugh but in the end when u take the high road and forgive ur the winner :) its such a struggle for me to forgive but im workin one step at a time in the direction of gettin better. i just dont want to block my blessings with ill will towards someone else. i believe in karma so whatever they done to me, i already done to them **in my ceely voice** lol

KeetaRay said...

@Kisha I'm glad this was helpful for you :) I needed to read it as much as I needed to write it! Like you, I definitely don't want to block any blessings by having ill feelings in my heart and mind toward someone who may have wronged me. I'm praying for healing and to just let it all go to be FREE!